Sex and Masturbation Coaching

“Lauchie’s playful and supportive nature gave me permission to be more creative in our online work together. He also gave helpful reframes around my expectations for what embodiment means.”
Masturbation Coaching Client

We will get to know what it’s like to be you, and what goals you’d like to actualize. For a lot of people, reducing shame is a big part of sexual healing.

The first step is often to take an inventory of what has been working so far, and continue to follow the pull toward pleasure. You may be surprised by what you already know when you set aside the time to greet yourself with a gentle, curious presence

You will learn about the science of neuroplasticity and practise ways to increase the availability of wellbeing and ease in your erotic life. Coaching sessions can take place online or in person, and may incorporate breath, sound, movement and self touch to develop deeper somatic awareness and agency.

Some common intentions during Sex and Masturbation Coaching:

Increase sexual sensation.

Experience new ways of being with yourself or others.

Integrate sexuality and spirituality.

Unpack shame about sex and masturbation.

Explore and learn more about sex toys.

Pleasure Focused Body Work

“When it is supportive of the client’s intentions, we touch in ways that assist people in claiming choice and agency, in developing presence within the body, and learning how the body can feel more and more alive.”
Caffyn Jesse

Thanks to one of my field mentors, Kai Cheng Thom, for permission to use this image.

Pleasure-centered bodywork is an opportunity to put the tools we’ve learned from our coaching sessions into practice.

Research in contemporary neuroscience explains that because of the subcortical nature of trauma imprints, we can heal and change only when we physically experience and practice efficacy, power and pleasure in the erotic realm. Talk therapy and traditional sex coaching are likely to always fall short when it comes to healing trauma and reclaiming sexual pleasure. Embodied practices including expanded breath, sound, touch and movement are vital.

It truly is a chance to practise having a body on purpose. Some options for bodywork sessions include pleasure mapping, de-armouring, myofascial release, bossy massage, facilitated rest, and more.

“Somatic sex educators support people on their journey to sexual wholeness through body-based experiences designed to nurture, deepen and awaken the sensual self. These experiences can include coaching in breath, movement, body awareness, boundary-setting, communication, anatomy, sensate focus… and other body-based teaching about sex. Somatic Sex Education practitioners guide clients in the reclaiming of their bodies and their pleasure, and support liberation from the ongoing effects of sexual oppression, trauma, neglect, limiting beliefs and dysfunctions. Somatic Sex Education is grounded in the science of neuroplasticity and informed by polyvagal theory. The modality is trauma-informed, and able to embrace the incredible diversity of neurology, gender and gender expression, with awareness of the impact of normative culture and privilege on access to sexual expression.”
Caffyn Jesse

Professional Supervision and Development

“Lauchie participated in a rigorous screening process as well as a training program covering topics including boundary setting, creating safety, communication skills, elder abuse, disability justice, intergenerational relationship-building, and duty to report. During the training, and later, once he was matched with a program participant, Lauchie demonstrated a high degree of sensitivity, compassion, tact, and a strong ability to set and communicate about personal boundaries. His concern for the agency and dignity of the program participants was notable. It was a pleasure having Lauchie involved in this important and highly impactful pilot project.” 

Specialist, Education & Training, The 519

A portion of my practice is dedicated to providing professional supervision and mentorship. I support psychotherapists, counsellors and sex therapists, somatic sex educators, and other body based practitioners, as appointed by The Institute for the Study of Somatic Sex Education.

I also facilitate professional development training and community based workshops in the realms of sexuality, pleasure, desire, BDSM, expressive arts, embodied boundaries, sexual healing for survivors and more. I prefer to curate workshops for specific requests, so please use my contact me page to share your vision and we can make it happen. My facilitation style operates from an anti oppressive lens while focusing on being present with who’s in the room. 

Each session includes co-creating community agreements, container setting, naming power dynamics and acknowledging the land which we are on. This is an emergent process with the intention to create space to fit the needs that arise in each group. My approach prioritises play, experimentation, imperfection, humour, adaptivity and redefining success. At all times, you are empowered to take care of your body as needed.